14 May 2011

5 (five).

This was supposed to post yesterday... on our anniversary.  But Blogger wasn't being very friendly, so it never got posted.  I couldn't just ignore it, though, as it was a very special post.  So here it is!


Honestly?  One of my favorite things is when someone asks how long Josh & I have been married.  I used to hate saying "one year" or "two years" because I felt like it didn't adequately describe how strong our marriage was.

I love counting up the years.  It makes me feel more legit.  I mean, when you get married at 19 and have been married for a year, it just doesn't seem as legit as saying five years.

And boy, I can't wait until 10, 20, & 50 years!  Maybe I'll still fit into my wedding dress like Marie Osmond.

I wish I knew the secret to a great marriage.  My "secret" is having God in the center of our relationship from the beginning.  That and, I married Josh Fowler.  He has such a heart for God.  I love that I've never had to push him to go to church... never had to beg him to make me a priority.  Our marriage is blessed because he works so hard at making sure it is!

For real... if you've met him, you know why I say that.  He is ridiculously sweet to me & pampers me beyond belief.

Thank you, Mr. Fowler, for making me your Mrs.  I'm honored beyond belief, and enjoy every minute of life with you!  You've pushed both of us beyond our limits and we've become better people because of it.

5 years. 4 states. $45,000 paid off in debt. 2 cars. Thank you for sharing in my hopes and dreams.

"Yeah we've both got dreams we could chase alone, or we could make our own!"

Thank you for making dreams with me.  We're making them real... together!

Bonus?  This is Friday the 13th!!  I was born on a Friday the 13th, and 13 is my lucky number.

Born: June 13
Met Josh: April 13
Josh proposed: June 13 (yes, my b-day, but he still managed to surprise me!)
Anniversary: May 13

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