24 May 2011

Blogs I Love Week: The Pioneer Woman

Hey there!

How's it going?

Me?  Well I'm headed to the Bahamas today, so I'd say I'm doing pretty well!

This next week, I thought I'd take a break and share with you some blogs that I love.  Some of them are new, some have been around forever.  Some are from friends, some are from people I've never met.  They are all different, but I hope you'll like some of them!

Today, I'd like to share with you one of my faves: The Pioneer Woman!

If you have a spare 3 hours, go on over & check out her site.  The more you read, the cooler she gets.  I pretty much want to be her.  She has lots of animals and a rich husband, but totally plays it up that she's just a normal gal.

Heads up: She's not normal.  She's about as normal as The Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane.  But that's okay, because I love them, too!

Here's a screenshot of her website.  It's basically a bunch of blogs put together.  The tabs at the top are the different blogs: Confessions; Cooking; Photography; Home & Garden; Homeschooling; Tasty Kitchen.

You read that right... TWO food blogs!  (not that I read those)

She also talks about calf nuts and burning pastures a lot.  Did I tell you she lives on a huge ranch in Oklahoma?

Oh, and she's also written a book about her love story with her hubby who she affectionately calls Marlboro Man, a cookbook, and most recently, a children's book.

And she hosts contests and giveaways almost weekly.



LB said...

Thanks for sharing this one! She's fantastic! Added it to my ever-growing Google Reader list!

Anonymous said...

You can't be her, I have to be her!;)
Really though, she is so flippin inspiring. Love her.:)

PS.. have a safe and wonderful trip!


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