29 May 2011

Blogs I Love Week: People I Know

At this point in my cruise I should have a great tan and have probably eaten way too much lobster.  It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

So here's a few blogs from people I actually know.  Most of them are my husbands co-workers... they're birthing blogs like some people change underwear, but that's a great thing!  They're a fabulous group of people that need to share their awesome thoughts & ideas!

In no particular order (okay, actually, it's in the order that I'm finding the links the fastest):

*bonus points just for the fabulous name*

Yup... I probably missed some, but that's because I couldn't find a link, so share it in the comments!


Nicole said...

cruise?! how fun! get a tan for me! and I love twisted fate photography's blog by destiny.

Rob said...

Okay, there should be an editors note that reads: The majority of these jokers don't blog. Their blogs should be added the world wide cemetery of dead blogs. They are all great people but at 2 of them haven't blogged in months. Months I say.

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