28 May 2011

Blogs I Love Week: I Heart Faces

Because so many of my readers love photography & I get questions about it all. the. time. I thought I'd share I Heart Faces with y'all!

I love this site so much because it's so interactive.  They have photo challenges where you can enter your own picture and see other's interpretations of the same theme.  They also have guests posts weekly from fabulous photographers on a variety of topics.  And it's not just focused on beginners or professionals- there is a wide array of each on there to help each other learn.

Very much a positive atmosphere to learn more about photography, or just to look at some great photos!

My very favorite thing about I Heart Faces is the obvious... they have a huge focus on faces.  And so do I! I love the creatives shots, but when it comes down to it, I'm all about getting a fabulous shot of a family where every single face is smiling perfectly and has the correct exposure, etc.

Go check them out and enjoy!

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