08 April 2011

Planned Parenthood.

Note: As always, this post doesn't necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone else I know or associate with.  Just my opinion!


I pretty much live in a cave when it comes to the news.  I mean to watch it, but I usually end up forgetting. So when Josh told me he had some potential bad news earlier this week, I wasn't sure what he was talking about.

That whole national budget thing?  How the government can't agree on a budget... that may end up affecting us more than we would expect.  Our passports are currently waiting to be processed.  And if they're not done by today, and the government shuts down, it could pretty much ruin our cruise we've already paid for.

I'm trying not to freak out because compared to everyone else who will be affected, this is small potatoes.  But it still bums me out.

So while stuck in a layover in Raleigh yesterday I caught a bit of the news about the budget and their issues-- turns out Planned Parenthood is right in the middle of the mix.  Here's a summary I found from here:

This strikes a chord with me.  For the past 3 years, Josh and I didn't have health insurance.  It wasn't too bad because we just didn't go to the doctor.  I've lived the majority of my life without health insurance, so I was used to it.  But it was the first time since we were married, so there was another issue that I hadn't had to deal with yet: birth control.

Yes, men, you can run away now if you want.

Josh & I knew we weren't ready for kids... we were still growing up and learning about each other and building a strong marriage.  Not to mention we were struggling financially anyway, and adding a kid to the mix would have made things extremely hard.

I tried going through the regular doctor, but the exam was expensive, and the monthly refill was $85.  So someone mentioned Planned Parenthood.  I gasped at first because I'd always been told it was an abortion clinic.  Then I started studying.  The exam was cheaper than at the regular doctor, and the monthly cost was $33.  It saved me over $624 a year.  Plus, I could save up and buy up to a year's worth at a time in order to keep from having to go to the office to pick it up every month.

Did it weird me out to be there?  A little, but I also know that they provided a service that I'm eternally thankful for.  Sure, it was a little weird when they assume I'm sleeping around, even after I tell them I'm married, but that's happened at the regular doctor, too.

I know they provide abortions, and yes, I'm completely against that.  But for women who are trying to make ends meet, going to an affordable doctor to get preventative care is extremely important.

Now, the 2nd paragraph above brings up a whole different point.  I can see their reasoning, and when it comes down to it, I really haven't researched enough to take an official stance on this particular bill.  I just want people to know that Planned Parenthood isn't just an abortion clinic.  They help women in need, too.  


AnniePressley said...

Yeah, I've been pissed about this for weeks.

LB said...

AMEN. i totally agree. Planned Parenthood offers some wonderful services for people who would not be able to afford them otherwise.

Honestly, if someone is sleeping around (while i don't condone that), isn't it good of them to be safe? And wouldn't we rather women be able to get affordable exams and birth control than have babies they can't afford, cancer they can't afford, etc, etc, etc?

I, too, don't follow the news, but I do know that Andy will be home without pay starting Monday if all this goes down...fun fun. Makes me grateful for such a smart husband that plans for financial hiccups.

Celeste said...

I used Planned Parenthood in the past. They are great, and trying to cut them only hurts poor women. If you want to reduce abortion (and poverty) rates, you need comprehensive sex education and affordable birth control.

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