10 April 2011

Greyhound vs. Flying... oh yes I DID just compare them!

Overall, the ride on the Greyhound wasn't too bad.  I'd actually compare it to flying.

  • Compared to my experiences in flying, it was just a little bit longer time-wise.  Obviously, going longer distances is a different story, but my car ride would have been 8 hours, a plane would have been 8-10 hours, and the Greyhound was 13 hours.
  • I actually had more room than I do while flying.  I don't fly first class, but I had more legroom on the bus, and I was on one of the old buses.  During the night and part of the day, there were fewer people, so I got two seats to myself, too!
  • No hurling through the air really fast in a tube.  That gives me anxiety.  Major. Anxiety.
  • Stops every 1-2 hours means that you can get away with never using the bathroom on the bus.  Of course, you're battling the bathrooms at random gas stations and public bus stations, but at least the toilet isn't a moving target.
  • And of course, the crazy people.  I do have to say there is a higher ratio of crazy dudes on the Greyhound than on a plane, though.  But compared to say, The MARTA in Atlanta, GA, the crazies on the Greyhound aren't any worse.

That being said, a friend happens to be in the same area, and driving back to Virginia on Monday (close to where I live, and same day that I was leaving!).  She offered me a ride back, and I'll gladly take it.

But for when I'd rather not drive by myself, a Greyhound is definitely an option I'll use again.

Stay tuned for Greyhound survival tips!

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