02 April 2011

Did I tell you about the time...?

This week Josh & I had car repair done.  It was what I like to call preventative maintenance, which means we didn't actually end up on the side of the road.  We get the repairs done and when I go to pick up the car, they tell me I can't take it because the headlights and windows don't work.

Excuse me?

They were having trouble finding a fuse replacement because it was after 5pm, so they were going to try again the next day.

Aside from the shock and confusion (I came in to get my tires rotated!), it wasn't the worst situation like this that's ever happened.

Two years ago Josh & I had just moved to Atlanta.  Josh was out of town for a week, in Mississippi.  And... the car needed new tires.  No biggie, I just stopped by the tire place, they said it'd take an hour or, so I went to the shopping center across the street.

Two hours later I call back and they say it'll be about 45 more minutes.  Then they call back 15 minutes later to tell me it's done.

Kinda fishy timing there... but I didn't give it too much thought.

"You're tires are on & good to go!"

"Great!  I'll be right over!"

"Just one problem... your clutch went out."

"My WHAT?!?!!?"

"Your clutch.  It was probably slipping for awhile now & it finally went out."

"My clutch has never slipped."

"Well, you'll need to get it fixed."

"How much does that cost?"

"We'll put an estimate together and call you back."

No, I'm not kidding... that's exactly how that part of the convo went down.  Our clutch did go out, although I'm not sure how or what happened.  We had it towed to a different company to get the clutch fixed, and came out around $1200.

Not. Fun.

So thankfully, this week it was not $1200, and we have our car back now!  :)

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