26 March 2011

One year old.


I'm back in my hometown for a few days to photograph my first wedding of the year.  We drove overnight so we'd have an extra day, and I enjoyed spending a little extra time with one of my nieces.

Boy is Rylie growing!  She just turned a year old and is walking and jabbering and being quite the social butterfly (as always).

Of course, since she started walking recently, she's got some battle scars.  Across her face is a mixture of falling into a basket, as well as faceplanting the pavement while playing at the park.  But she's a trooper and pretends that she never fell in the first place.

And this girl is pretty much skin & bones-- we're not used to having such petite babies in this family!  But she's only 16 lbs right now!  Light as a feather, but quite the ham.

So that's how I'm spending my weekend.  Anything fun for yours?

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