25 March 2011

10 lbs down...

The other night I ate at Carrabba's.  I resisted the pasta and stuck with soup & salad.  I did have bread (okay, more than my fair share of bread), and one of the dessert shooters (oh my, delicious!), but overall, I was pretty satisfied with my constraint because I was actually quite hungry when I walked into the restaurant!

The next day I woke and and weighed myself.  I hadn't done that in 3 days because I was scared of the number.  On Monday night I'd really blown my diet on some delicious pepperoni dip and didn't want to see what the scale had to say about it.

I'm happy to announce that when I finally did weigh myself, I was at 154.4!  I knew that was somewhere around 10 lbs lost, so I looked it up in the first place I started recording stuff back in December.  I started at 164, but at one point weighed in at 164.4, and that was my highest weight on record.

So yes, I've lost exactly 10 lbs!

Why is that important to me?  Because for years I haven't lost anything more than what can be contributed to water weight.  3 lbs here or there, but nothing substantial to say that I really have lost solid weight.

10 lbs... that's not just water weight!

I also found out last week that my blood levels came back pretty normal and I no longer have a thyroid issue.  This is monumental for me because it was a road block both physically and mentally for weight loss.  I still have some of the same symptoms, but they're all attributed to being anemic.

Here's to losing weight!!!
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