10 March 2011

Not friendly for 1 year olds!

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A few weeks ago Josh and I invited some new friends over for dinner.  Times like that is when we dearly miss our old apartment that had tons of room to entertain!

But this was different, this was the first time we ever had a little kid in our house.  Ever.  Like, since we got married.  The last little kid I knew was my niece and she is now 11.  I was in 8th grade when she was born, so baby-proofing a house for a one year old was the farthest thing from my mind.  Josh has a little sister, but she is now 12, so it's the same scenario for him.

As soon as our friends walked in the front door with their one year old kiddo, he immediately went for the burning candle we had sitting on the coffee table.  We are geniuses, I tell ya.  It was right in his reach.

After his parents swooped him up, he then immediately went for the china which was, of course, on the bottom shelves of our bookshelf.  Genius.

Then there was the entire tv stand that was well within his reach, full of CDs & DVDs.  Yippee!

Dog bones laying around the floor.  Dog germs!  Yum!

And then round two with the china on the second shelf from the bottom on the bookshelf.  We are pretty much clueless.

Dog bowls?  Trash can?  Pieces of dirt and lint and old food hidden in the corners of the floor in the kitchen?  Like a wonderland!

We found things we didn't even know we had when that kid was here!  We laughed and had a blast, but it really made me thankful that babies are so helpless and can't walk or crawl right after birth.  When we have our own, we'll be able to ease into the whole safety thing and learn as our kid grows.

Good thing, or child protective services would have us on speed dial!

So now that has me thinking... for those of you who have had to baby-proof, what are the silliest things that you've forgotten, or had to move around in order to keep a little one (and your belongings) safe?  I always knew we'd have to get the kid locks on our cabinets, but never really thought about the burning candle or the china!


Rob said...

While shopping for baby stuff for our twins I saw a toilet seat cover to protect kids from falling in. Who knew?

Jenn Shell Henderson said...

it really doesn't matter what you baby-proof, you'll be surprised what they can get into...I have locks on the cabinets, but Cara knows how to unlock them already... there's some stuff we leave out, like our open shelves of DVDs. We've just told her no-no from the start and she knows she doesn't mess with those...
They are so little, but grow so fast and can reach things before you know it. We don't put up everything, because, well, we'd have to keep putting more shelves on the wall all the way up near the ceiling, and I'm only 5'3" so I have a hard enough time reaching the regular kitchen cabinets...

You learn to put up the important things and just go into it knowing things will get broken, but you learn what's important in life and that you really didn't need that glass vase, because, well, you've got 3 more in the cabinet from your wedding gifts...

Jenn said...

And I forgot until just now, but she can even pull the outlet covers off now...the reason I remember, she just brought me one. LOL:)

Melanie Reller said...

LOL, Jenn is singing my song!!!! Yesterday I caught Ammy pulling burning incense off the counter. The day before that it was a crayon on the wall. the day before that was... well, you get the idea. And amalie has broken every drawer that has a drawer lock on it. So you can "baby proof" all you want.

And the toilet seat cover was needed when my son was 2. He got a golf ball so far down in the toilet it took a plumber 2 days to retrieve it. I wish I could have thrown my son in at that moment.

Shawntae said...

Cabinet locks, Stove oven latch, Velcro on the refrigerator, baby gates, door stops to keep them from smashing their fingers... they don't ALWAYS work like a charm, but at least it deters them for a while!:)

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