30 March 2011

Dropping an iPhone from 1,000 feet.

Did y'all hear about this?  An airman (Staff Sgt. Ron Walker) in NC dropped his iPhone when he leaned out of a military plane that was flying 1,000 feet in the air.  He used the "Find My iPhone" app and was able to... well... find it!  He said it still works perfectly and doesn't even have a scratch on it!

How insane is that?  Please raise your hand if your phone breaks when you drop it from 3 feet off the ground!

For real... it would have been nasty if it was my phone!

So what do you think will happen from here?  How long until Apple hears about it?  Quite frankly, if I were them, I'd eat up that extra publicity!

That and, best I can tell, the case is made by Griffin.  Did you just hear that?  That was the sound of their stock rising!

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