08 March 2011


My diet?  Oh, that thing? Well....

2 weeks ago I got a sore throat.  By that night, I knew I was in trouble.  By 4am the next morning I was texting people at church saying they'd need to find a replacement for my volunteer position that day... no way was I going to make it.

For the next 2 days I laid in bed.  After that I thought, "Hey, I'm feeling better!" and posted that I was feeling 90% better on my facebook page.

Whew was I wrong!  Sure, I was able to walk around, but it was another week and a half before I was truly better.  My best guess is that it was a crazy mix of thyroid issues & allergies.

But y'all, when I'm sick, I eat comfort foods.  Psychologically, it makes me feel better, and I'm a big believer in the power of the mind.

No really... frown and look grumpy and have bad posture for a few seconds.   .........   Now straighten your posture, smile, and pretend you're gorgeous.

The latter always makes me feel better-- it's just a mental thing.

So while I was sick, I sent Josh out for some cookies and ice cream.  Ice cream is a staple when I'm truly sick.  I swear that McDonald's kids ice cream has saved me from getting full blown sick before!

But back to what I'm avoiding... I did gain a little weight back.  2 lbs.  Honestly, I'm sad about it but I don't regret it.  Sure, I should have given my body better nutrients while I was sick, but I also think it's better than not eating and not getting food in my body at all.  And I also drank a LOT of water (sore throat... hello!).

Oh, and did I mention on top of all of that we opened a new campus at church, I logged a lot of volunteer hours during that time, and helped put on 2 major events at work.

Now it's back to the grind-- our normal schedule (praise the Lord!), and workouts!

And this week?  I promise to do at least one extra workout.

How about you?

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Melanie Reller said...

When my kids are sick i am the.worst.mommy. about health foods. I let them drink whatever they want (juice, sprite, coke, Popsicles, etc.) I don't care as long as they get liquids in them.
I also let them eat pretty much whatever they want. Ice cream, cereal for 3 meals a day, etc.
I agree with you totally. When you're sick you might as well have a little something to enjoy.
Hope you're back to your old self!

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