15 February 2011

Lucky #13

13 is my lucky number.

Or, rather, it's a number that keeps popping up in my life.  It has an association with good things, so I like to call it my lucky number.

Here's the run-down:

-Born on a Friday the 13th (ironic, eh? since I'm scared of everything)
-Met Josh on April 13th
-Josh proposed on June 13th (okay, so it was my b-day-- still counts!)
-We got married May 13th (we originally planned for the 6th but had to push it back a week... and it landed on the 13th!)

I'd love to get this tattoo, but 1) I'm not brave enough & 2) I promised my dad I'd never get a tattoo.

Two of my three brothers have it, though... I like to think it's because they love their little sis so much.  ;)

My mom mentioned that 13 was a reoccurring number in my grandfather's life, too.  It would pop up in random places.  Kinda of cool to me since he passed away when I was five.  Didn't know him too well, but it makes me feel closer to him.

What's your lucky number & why?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Mine is 21:
-born on the 21st
-my childhood phone number was XYZ-2121
-the total number of letters in my maiden name was 21

I've just always liked it!

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