14 February 2011

DIY Heart Fun

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I originally took this photo for 'hearts' week over at I Heart Faces.  However, I had completely finished editing the image when I realized that it was supposed to have a face in it (I Heart Faces... duh).  So I saved it for today, and decided to do a little DIY for y'all.

This is a really simple image to set up.  So simple, that you probably already see exactly how to do it.  But just in case, here's the skinny:

Find a book (or in my case, a photo album) with wide pages.  They can be thicker than the average book, but you don't want anything too thick that will be hard to bend.

Then find two pages about in the middle and fold the edges in towards the spine to create the heart effect.  Make sure everything is nice and tidy, and then fix the book to where your heart is standing up.

I love to get on the same level as subjects because of the perspective it brings.  Here, I had the book laying on the floor and I was on the floor as well.

Once I was done I popped the image into Lightroom and added the 'Roses Dreamly' present and then altered the tint to more of a pink color.  After all, it is a heart!

Now go, spend Valentine's day with those you love!
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