22 February 2011

"It's Time to Talk about It"

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Yes, Susan, each week is something-something week.  Each month is something month.

But this week is important to me.  So many people struggle with eating issues.  So many people.  I could tell stories about models in Europe who have died, or internet friends that I've known over the years who continually struggle.  Others who have overcome by the grace of God.

In college I did several research papers on this very topic.  I could go on and on about the startling statistics, and how even those statistics are no doubt incorrect because so many go untreated.  Here's just one website that a friend of mine made.  I'm proud of her as she is still on this journey and working very hard to overcome.

For these girls (and guys) who go through an eating disorder, it's beyond just a normal diet.  It's not a matter of having a strict diet and then "changing."  It takes over everything that they are.

Can you imagine something becoming more important that your everyday life with work, friends, and family?  Can you imagine staying at your house and being consumed with what you did or didn't eat-- rather than having fun with friends, rather than going on a date with your significant other?

It's a mind thing, and it's not something someone can just 'snap out of.'  It goes much deeper than that.  So if you know someone who you suspect is struggling with an eating disorder of any kind, be their friend.  Don't let them push you away.  Pray for them, and when the time is right, help them get help.

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Rob said...

You are a wealth of knowledge. I didn't know this had a week dedicated to it. I'm all for a week dedicated to anything as long as people find help.

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