23 February 2011

Inspiration & blog love.

About a year ago I was searching through blogs and found this one.  It's called Aura joon.

It instantly intrigued me because her first name is Aura.  I have a niece named Sunaura and I thought it was cool.

I kept on reading because everything about her is so darn interesting!  I love her style, her photography, her zest for life.

But along the way I forgot to check back & eventually forgot altogether until I saw her link again on another blog.  Then I spent 30 minutes blog stalking!  Last time I read she was a carefree young married woman and now she's about to have a baby!

Joon, by the way, is not her middle or last name.  It means "sweetheart" or "dear" in Farsi.  Bonus points because I actually know what Farsi is-- I used to hire linguist who could translate Pashto, Dari (Farsi) & English.

At any rate, go on over, check it out, and enjoy her style!  She talks about gardening, clothes, and has tons of neat DIY items.

Oh, and after admiring her style so much, I was overjoyed to find that I have the same skirt as her!

Now I just need to go buy the rest of the wardrobe!

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