18 January 2011

Life: Not always what we expect, and it's not always a bad thing.

I remember being shocked when I found out (last year, I believe) that my parents didn't find out the sex of any of us kids until the delivery room.

"It just wasn't what you did back then."

"Really?  Or were you just... a bit of a hippie?"

"Maybe both."

Either way, I can't imagine waiting these days... the anticipation of it would be so difficult!  How to decorate a nursery, what to name it... although I love the idea of it being a surprise, I'm just not sure that I could stand it!

At any rate, I'm not pregnant, but a friend of mine is.  After several years of praying and hoping and finally in vitro fertilization, they were pregnant... with twins!

Twin boys, to be exact.  And of course, then comes planning the nursery, choosing names, getting everything ready for their two handsome men to arrive!

Yesterday, I had a completely lazy day, but I did manage to wrap their gifts for an upcoming baby shower. I was so glad I had some pretty blue wrapping paper on hand, and I'd found the cutest little shoes for the little guys.

However, I'm currently unwrapping those gifts.  Why?  Because I'm sure their little boy doesn't need two pair of the same shoes when he won't even be able to walk yet.  And their little girl wouldn't look too snazzy in them... trust me.

Yep, that's right, the first ultrasound was wrong!  They aren't having two little guys, they get the best of both worlds!  One crazy little boy and one little princess of a girl.

Complete and utter shock aside, how awesome is that?  Sure their little girl may have a few tomboyish outfits with her name on them, but life will most certainly go on.

Bonus?  They will never get them confused!  Haha-- I'm not a parent and that's totally how my mind works.

So if you get the chance, head on over to RobShep.com and congratulate him on his two little ones, Hayden (boy) and Reese (girl).  He'd love some blog love and I'm positive that he'll have a much better story up today for you to read!


monshep said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was a crazy day! PS- We need to get you a better picture of me! Ha!

Rob said...

Thanks for the shout! I'm sorry you have take something back. I hate that. You ROCK!

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