30 December 2010

Unique gifts.

I mentioned before that my dad is great at unique gifts-- mostly the kind that you never though you needed, but adore once you get them.  And actually, both my parents are good at that.

Although in a perfect world, my mom will buy you something very practical that you need and want.  Last Christmas, for example, I asked for contacts.  Like, for my eyes.  And I got a year's supply!  Awesome present.  This year?  I'd asked her about vacuum recommendations because the handle is broken and I have to vacuum on my knees with our current one.  So guess what she got us for Christmas?  A Shark vacuum!  I love practical presents.  :)

But my parents used to have 5 children living in the house with one income.  Now, they have zero children in the house, with two incomes.  You do the math... they are now very hard to shop for.  They like art & weird, eclectic things, so it's always interesting to see what they get for Christmas each year.

This year, this is one of the things my mom got for my dad:

Say what?  What on earth is that?

It's for him to put his reading glasses on so he doesn't keep losing them.  This is apparently a nearly daily habit for him.

See? (pun very much intended)

Those aren't my dad's glasses, though... those are mine.  Why aren't my dad's glasses on there, you ask?

I sure do assume you ask a lot of questions.

Because my dad was heading down an icy mountain to get to the store... to buy new reading glasses... because he'd lost his.

Yes... he still lost them.  Quite amazing, eh?


Rob said...

Very cool. Where does one get a glasses holder like that?

fowler said...

I'm not sure where we'd get things like that around here... where my parents live, that sort of offbeat stuff is very common. She probably got it at a street fair or one of the stores downtown.

I'm on a search for neat little offbeat stores like that... if you know of any, let me know! It's the same type of store where you find metal art, flying pigs, collectable lunch boxes, homemade jewelry and such.

Sarah Halstead said...

Ha ha! Too funny. Very cool gift though.

Shawntae said...

COOLEST thing ever!

Rj and Jessie said...

So cool!

Keren said...

I don't know of any stores around here like that but I get a small catalog called Uncommon Goods (www.uncommongoods.com) and they have neat stuff like that, some stuff is pricey though.

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