29 December 2010


Let's face it, presents are fun to get at Christmas.  And this year, I definitely got a mixture of things I asked for (and never expected), and wonderful surprises that I never would have thought to ask for.

My dad is usually king of the latter.  This year is no exception.  He got this for me & Josh:

They are salt & pepper shakers.  Cute, huh?  I should have taken a better picture, but it's magnetic & the indian woman is kissing the man on his cheek.

I'm doubly excited because we just have plain ol' clear salt & pepper shakers, so we're not having to say good-bye to anything awesome in order to use these.

That's the twisted way I think.  Thought you should know.

I have a hard time saying, "This is my favorite present" because I don't think I have one favorite, but I definitely love this one!  What were some of your favorite gifts from this year?


Sarah Halstead said...

Aww. So cute. I got a new griddle because my old one wasn't working good anymore.

Keren said...

Shucks, I can't pick a favorite, I got so many really great things! Larry & Jessi gave me some super cute jeans (how awesome, jeans are hard to come by) and some brown boots that I have been dying for. My hubby got me my first IPod (the new Nano with my name inscribed on the back). We got a George Foreman grill from my parents and I got a Kindle (I love to read) from my in-laws! So much good stuff!

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