20 December 2010

Prayers for a Dear Friend.

I've mentioned Shey on this blog before.  I've known her for years, yet I've never met her.  We got to know each other through our private blogs back in the day when they were called internet diaries.

And after wanting a baby for so long and going through the adoption process, she found out she was pregnant last year!

And then there was an ultrasound that forever changed her life.  They told her every type of bad news about her baby.  The bottom line was that their baby, Whitney Jill, would likely not live to her birth.  Sadly, that's exactly what happened.

Through Whitney's life and passing, Shey's example taught me how to cope with the death of my niece, Kyah.

Now I have a prayer request for Shey... she's pregnant again!  This is such a beautiful time, but also, her & her husband are very cautious.  Understandably, there is no way they can be carefree during this time.  Happy & joyful of course, but they can't erase the knowledge they know about how things can go wrong.

Today, at 11am EST (8am their time in Cali), they are having an ultrasound.  This is the same ultrasound that, last time, they found out something was terribly wrong with their sweet baby.

Please pray for Shey.  For Sean, her husband.  And for their unborn baby.  For the doctors - that everything is shown exactly how it is and they have an accurate perception of everything that's going on.

And honestly? Pray that the baby is A-Okay.  That it's totally perfect.  That Sean & Shey's fears are calmed.

I don't typically pray for a particular outcome, but it's truly what I want for them so bad.

Here's her blog post about the upcoming ultrasound and prayer request.


Rj and Jessie said...


Sarah Halstead said...

I am a little late. I am praying everything was okay.

Sheyenne said...

Thank you so much for posting this and praying for us! I'm just now catching up on my blogs!

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