12 December 2010

Decorating the Christmas tree, Fowler style.

While decorating the tree this year, Josh and I came to some realizations.

1) Our tree is terribly tacky.

2) It's leaning more and more each year.

A few years ago, the apartment we lived in didn't allow real trees, so Josh's great aunt gave us hers, stating that it was too much for her to put up anymore anyway.  It was pretty awesome - prelit!  The lights were already on it!  That's a lot of the battle.  Growing up, I remember it being my brother, Nicholas' job to put the lights on the tree.  I stayed far away.

So this year, we took the tree out of the box and began putting it together...

...while our cat supervised.

But we finally got it all put together and the limbs spread out.

And listened to Pandora!  We have opted out of cable TV for now, so we're really listening to Pandora quite a bit.  They have tons of fun Christmas radio choices.

Josh apparently didn't know it, but putting the star on the top of the tree is a family tradition.  I informed him that the patriarch of the family is required to put the tree topper on ceremoniously.

He swears this is the first he's heard of it, but I'm pretty sure we do it every year.

Except two years ago.  I was on a business trip and he decorated the entire tree by himself.  He recalls it as an extremely lonely moment.  I remember it as the sweetest thing when I got home and he surprised me with it.

Funny how the same scenario can be recalled in two completely different ways.

 So here is our tacky tree.  After this year we're planning on giving away all the ornaments we have and completely starting over.  Not sure what we'll do... any suggestions?


Sarah Halstead said...

I think it is gorgeous. Great photos. I really like your blog. I am a new follower.

foolery said...

I'm with Sarah -- nothing wrong with that tree. It does, however, get better as you go along, for sure.

And as a sucker who buys a real tree every year and is the idiot who puts the lights on while providing family-unfriendly running commentary, high fives to you for keeping it a joyous occasion.

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