20 December 2010

Aunt Jemima & only two moving incidents.

Now that we've settled in a little bit, I finally got some pictures off of my other camera... wowee I hadn't taken any off of that camera in awhile!

But here are a few fun ones from moving:

We scored some awesome boxes when we were moving... several of them were huge and very sturdy.  In fact...

We stored Tyler in one of them!  We didn't actually keep him in there, though.  Something about a fiance in Greenville that would probably be upset.

Then we have our moving incidents.  There were only two, which I found amazing.  The first one was when we picked up a box to move it in the apartment and noticed that it sounded like a rainstick.  It was a smaller box labeled "Kitchen," so there was really no telling what it might have been.

And then I unpacked it to find grits everywhere.

On a bright note, I highly recommend Aunt Jemima Quick Grits to any school teacher looking to make rain sticks.  Sounds just like the real thing!

And the second incident?  I don't have any pictures because well... someone would have died.  Josh & his co-worker were carrying the washing machine up the stairs using a dolly and it fell off the dolly onto Josh.  He miraculously caught it without falling down too many stairs, and the other guy rushed to help.  I came running outside just in time to see the washing machine cord still caught on the dolly, and the dolly about to hit his co-worker right in the back.

Luckily, I managed to get to it in time and no one got hurt.  And hey, the washing machine still works!  It's a little loud and disgruntled, but it cleans my clothes, and that's all I really ask of it.


Sarah Halstead said...

Glad no one got hurt. I will have to remember about the grits if I want to make rain sticks

Rj and Jessie said...

Wow. :/ Glad he is okay!

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