27 November 2010

Vickery, Valery... same difference, right?

Here are a few more of the quotes that are on the sidewalk in downtown Greenville.  I love quotes that aren't overused.  I love to ponder them and see how I can apply it's meaning to my own life.  Which one is your favorite?

#1: Wow-- isn't this true?  A lot of times, learning who I am involves learning who I am not.

#2 - This is my favorite-- especially when you consider the shape our country is in, and "those crazy youth" at church.

"The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be."  -Paul Vickery

The future is most definitely not what it used to be... but isn't that awesome?  100 years ago, the future was microwaves, computers, cell phones, easier access to higher education.  But did the people in those times know about that stuff?  Higher education, yes, but certainly not in the sense that it is today.

So what do we have waiting for us in the future?  Are we going to hold the next generation back for fear that they'll mess it all up, or will we teach them the way (while learning ourselves)?

**Update: I was looking up Paul Vickery to see when he was alive because, well, I think that can really mean a lot for a quote.  Turns out, this is a quote from Paul Valery (1871-1945), a french poet.  Definitely brings some perspective!**

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