11 November 2010

Veterans Day.

For a second, I thought today was 11/11/11, and figured I should write a super cool post to memorialize it forever in history.

Then I realized this is 2010.

Then I realized it's Veterans Day.  And I'm a fan of Veterans Day.

Both my grandfathers were career military guys in the Air Force.  Good thing, too, or my parents probably wouldn't have met on Hickam AFB in Hawaii.

And I'm pretty darn glad they did!

Funny thing, though.  They fell in love, got married, and promptly moved across the country and haven't moved out of the zip code since.

So although my parents grew up in the midst of the military and moved around the world several times, I grew up pretty far removed from all of that.

What I was taught, though, was to respect veterans.  That no matter what, they deserve our respect.

So no matter who the person, how they act, or what they're doing, remember that they serve our country.  That they've gone through more than we can even imagine in order to make an impact for our country.

I get the honor of working with a lot of these guys everyday now.  I don't see them, but I hire them to go back overseas and work.  And boy, let me tell you-- they can't wait to get back over there and help out.  It takes a special, strong person.

So thank them.

What do you think about on Veterans Day?

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