07 November 2010


I'm not much of a hat person.  I have a complex with how they look on me.   But a few weeks ago, Josh bought a black hat that I love on him!  So I had to up my game and I found an adorable hat at Platos Closet!

And my adorable hubby took some pictures.  Can you believe this hat only cost $7?  I think it may have turned me into a hat person!

I've always wanted to be a cool kid.  Is this hat trendy?  Does that make me a cool kid?  

Okay.  I probably couldn't keep up the cool kid image anyway.  But I'll still model my hat for ya.  And hey look... Josh even got involved!


Now he really is a cool kid.  I have to take him shopping with me, and the dressing room portion usually consists of, "Does this look good?  Does this match?  Do I look dumb?  Do you think we can get these hemmed?  Why not?"

But he likes my hat, too!

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