08 November 2010


The other night I was casually looking through my facebook wall when I noticed a friend mentioned the phrase "get the hell out of dodge."  It struck me as odd, because I knew the area she lived in, and the only thing called a Dodge there is a truck.  And I didn't think she was getting out of a truck....

So then I glanced at Twitter because I'm trying to use Twitter more since I have it connected to my Facebook.  I see a guy has used the tag #ilovemywife

You know what?  I've never clicked on one of those and actually seen all the tweets that use that.

So I clicked on it.  And guess what?  I saw this tweet from some random stranger:

"last day of the work week for this guy, then its time for me & the wifey to get the heck outa dodge!"

Say, WHAT?

So I figured there had to be something to it, and I went to my trusty Google search to find out.

"Hell out of dodge" came up instantly on the Urban Dictionary:

To leave somewhere immediately, to evacuate or scram. "Get the hell out of Dodge" is a reference to Dodge City, Kansas, which was a favorite location for westerns in the early to mid 20th century. Most memorably, the phrase was made famous by the TV show "Gunsmoke," in which villians were often commanded to "get the hell out of Dodge." The phrase took on its current meaning in the 1960s and 70s when teenagers began to use it in its current form.
That's not very urban, y'know...

But at least I know what all the cool kids are talking about... and where Dodge is!

Is this how high schoolers do research papers these days? Their teachers must cry.

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Rob said...

It was great meeting you on Sunday/Monday. I hope that you get the heck into Dodge...or VA if you will.

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