05 November 2010

Fix-It Friday with I Heart Faces!

I'm so excited-- I haven't been able to participate in awhile because of my schedule, but the posted the picture early this week, so here I am!

Let's start with the original.  This is an adorable picture of an adorable little girl!

I opened it in lightroom, toned down the shirt a little, cleared up the blemish on her face, and brought out her eyelashes by boosting the black.

 Then I played around a little bit and had fun with one of my favorite actions: Aged Photo!

But then I thought... ooooo! I wanna crop up close and bring out my favorite part of the picture even more: the eyelashes.

And those cute little cheeks!  And I always love to bring that color back out a little more.

Enjoy, do you're own fix, and check out others over at I Heart Faces!

1 comment:

Hannah M said...

I adore your black and white edit - beautiful! Great job here!

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