20 November 2010

Double Birthday!

It's my daddy's birthday... and not only that, but it's my uncle's birthday, too!

Say what?  They're twins.

Legend has it that my grandmother wanted one child.  She had these two.  One (my uncle) had 4 kids, the other (my dad) had 5.  So much for a small family!

29+ years ;) later, they're still wearing matching outfits!

My dad is the one in the green shirt.  With the white/blonde hair.  Pointing to his 'Kitchen Decor' logo shirt.

Okay, okay, he's the one without the beard.  Playing the banjo.

Tee-hee.  I love how they manage to do the same thing all the time.  It's not like they got together and said, "We're twins, let's both play banjo" or "Are you going to wear the green shirt today?  Cool, me too!"

It just happens.  Even though they spent years living halfway across the world from each other (my uncle lived in Germany), they still end up with the same interests, talents, etc.

At the same time, though, they couldn't be more different.

So happy birthday to my dad and uncle!

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AnniePressley said...

I miss my Daddy! I called him yesterday for his birthday. Can't wait to be home again and see him. And I guess like father like daughter. Look at me living in Germany and learning to speak German. :)

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