12 October 2010

Room makeover... again!

Blood, sweat, and tears went into this room makeover.  No really... I think I cried somewhere between the orange and white bedspreads.


Hey look... the room got messy again.  Where are the little trolls that keep making a mess in this room?

After several stores and 4 hours of searching on two separate days, I came home with this quilt.  I loved it!  Put it on the bed, and... there were no pillow shams to match.

Yup... I fell for it.  I looked at the picture rather than the words under the picture that said "quilt" with no mention of pillow shams.  So the next day I went back to the store, searched high and low, and found one pillow sham.

Isn't that sweet?

So I went out searching again.

I'll get back to that in a bit, but please take notice of this pillow:

In Josh's words, it's the ugliest thing he's ever seen.

To me?  Oh my goodness... I'm in love!  Not sure why, exactly, but I love it!

This was the point where our cat became genuinely concerned about my well-being.

You know what's really hard to get a picture of?  And orange (or red, for that matter) quilt.  The color will vary depending on the monitor, but it was a pretty burnt orange color.  I liked the design, too.

But... no pillow shams to match.  And I have a complex about that right now.

So.... back to the search.

I took one look at this and fell in love.  Bought the wrong size and went running back to the store at 9:30pm to exchange it.

Ellie loved it too!  This is right before I swatted her into the hallway.  No animals allowed in here from now on:

Ladies and gents (okay, so it's just the ladies by this point, I'm sure), this was on my bucket list.  Things to do before I die: have a "white" bed.  White sheets, white bedspread, etc.

Don't worry, there are other, more exciting things on my list as well.

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