22 October 2010

My amazing husband.

Sometimes when I talk excessively about how amazing my husband is, people mention things.

But you know what?  He is amazing.  If When we have a little girl, I hope and pray that she meets someone as amazing as her dad.

And if you're husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. is amazing and treats you wonderfully?  Then you should give them mad props, too!

It's not that I've set it out as my life goal or anything, but I hope more people do give props to their significant other for treating them right.  It feels good to be loved on and I know it improves our marriage overall.  When I see others make known their love and appreciation for their spouse, it makes me smile.

I remember when I was little and we would go visit my mom's family in Florida.  Her sister had been married for a long time, and to me, they were older grown ups (they were probably in their 30s... lol!).  It amazed me that they called each other "babe" all the time.  Wasn't that for teenagers?

But now I get it.  I want Josh to call me babe until we're 100!

So here's to an amazing husband and amazing marriages everywhere.

The latest?  I text Josh in the middle of the day saying, "Get dressed- we're going to do some practice shoots tonight" meaning photography.

He replied, "I thought we were going to the gym?"

When I got home he had taken a shower and was ready to go downtown for a photo shoot.  He even had his guitar and a change of clothes ready!

So here's mad props to an amazing husband.  Who is that amazing person in your life?

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