30 October 2010

Life Advice.

At our wedding reception we had "Life Advice" cards sitting on each table for people to write on. Unfortunately, they were shiny on the front and it was the equivalent of writing on a photograph.  But the back was easier to write on, so it all worked out!

Looking back through them, we had a ton, but some were absolutely hilarious, or have really hit home over the past 4 years.  Here are just a few of those:

Well there's some practical advice!  Can you tell we had a chocolate fountain disaster at our wedding?

Advice for Josh: Have a bath drawn w/wine, candles, and her favorite romantic novel for when she gets home after a long day.
Also, Learn to cook (and I don't mean mac & cheese)
Advice for Susan: He has good intentions, even when he doesn't appear to know what he's doing!

Update on this: I did come home one day during our first year of marriage to a bubble bath and homemade chocolate covered strawberries!  And Josh is one of the most fabulous cooks you'll ever meet!  And I do know that he (almost) always has the best of intentions.

Daniel's wife also offered for him to make a changing table when we have kids.  If that offer still stands when we have kids-- heck yes!

"Always go home & give your wife a good listening to!" -Some guy in Florida named Bubba

This couple got married a month after us and are now expecting their 2nd child.  I guess it worked for them!  And, I have to say, Josh listens pretty well.

Have you noticed that most of it's for the groom?  I think it's because you can joke around about the guy more...

Hmmm.... I don't think we've done too hot on this one.  I still hear this a lot!

Just obey and say yes! Honey, whatever you say.  Where do you want me to move this piece of furniture?  Don't have kids for 5 years- travel & do all you want to do before kids.

That was advice from my mother-in-law who has begged us for the past 4 years to have kids!  :)  I mentioned this to her the other day and we all had a good laugh.

But seriously, the 5 year count may restart now.

This gem came from Josh's cousin who was recovering from a terrible motorcycle accident.  I laughed so hard because that's all it said on his card!  Best advice I think we got!

1) Life's a garden, dig it!
2) She's been an RA Josh, don't break any rules!
3) Josh, if Susan gets in a rotten mood, give her chocolate... it works!
4) Life's like a swimming pool.  If you don't just dive right in, you'll end up dry or bored on the side of the pool watching everyone swim by...
5) Most importantly... if you get nothing else from this card, get this: SMILE!

Spoken from someone who truly knows me... give me chocolate! It does make everything better...

And her fiance wrote:

Just remember to love... and everyone has an argument sometimes --> it is good for the blood pressure.  Teamwork... through everything.

Is that why Josh had blood pressure issues our first year of marriage????

Tyler and Sarah were engaged at the time.  They've now been married for awhile and have a tiny, adorable, newborn baby boy!

Have the Pressley family build you a house- they're the best!

My dad & brothers had built their house-- can you tell?  And I absolutely plan on them building us a house... when we decide that we don't LOVE maintenance free living (which will be a few more years).

Josh- Learn the Phrase- Yes, Dear!

Ahh... fun stuff.

What would be your advice to a couple getting married?


AnniePressley said...

Awww, seeing Daddy's handwriting made me miss him so much!

Marty Morandi said...

Hahaha, I had a good laugh from some of the cards and, at the same time, they're very uplifting. If I would write an advice for a couple, I will tell them to treat one another as they would their best friends. They may have petty and major fights, but they should always try to make up before the day ends.

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