08 October 2010

First day at the office.

This week, Josh began working full time (again) for Fowler Productions.

If you haven't heard his music, check it out on this ancient website.  Or you can look it up on iTunes: Josh Fowler: 'Broken.'  Just a heads up-- that's not his style of music anymore, but you can at least hear how awesomely talented he is.

No really, he is.

Anywho, I came home during lunch the other day to see how his day was going, see how he likes his new co-workers, etc.  To my surprise, he thought they were a bit lazy.

And needy.

He said one even tried to steal his lunch!

But somehow he managed to get some work done.

And use his Google voice number 67% of the day.  The blur in the foreground is his Blue microphone.  Except it's black.

The best part (for me)?  Fresh from scratch guacamole for lunch.


Sorry, no picture.  I ate it too quickly!

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