09 October 2010

Cute stuff and owls

 You know those stores that you just love to look around in?

Well, I don't have many of those.  I hate shopping.

I think I would like shopping if I didn't have a bank account to keep track of.

Or if my bank account had $1 million in it.

Then I'm sure I'd like shopping more.

But this store?  It's so darn creative that I just love looking around in it!  Most of the items (maybe all of them?) are recycled from something else.

Really cute stuff.

I really, really, really wanted to go crazy and snap pictures of everything, but I didn't want anyone to think I was stealing their creative ideas to go make them on my own or anything.

I am not that talented.

But I did snap one picture:

I've always hated owls.  I'll tell that story later.

Will I?  It seems that I say that a lot, but never actually tell the stories later.

But these owls make me want to decorate my entire house in owls!


Tiffany said...

Please share why you don't like owls lol, even if you post it as a comment on my blog.

I love stores like this but like you I am NOT a window shopper. I like to have a purpose to shop and I am not a mall walker either. I tried that last weekend and thoroughly hated it heh.

I like the post below this one as well. We will have to check out his music :)

fowler said...

LOL!! Check out Wednesday's post next week and I shall reveal the owl story.

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