19 September 2010

Weekend recap (so far).

This weekend we got a special treat: Josh's cousins came to visit!  Kenny & Diane.  Kenny's dad and stepmom were doing a vow renewal and our house happened to be the halfway point.

I should mention that Josh and Kenny only see each other ever few years, but they are so much alike it's scary.  They're 2nd cousins.  I can see the family resemblance, but I don't think they look like twins or anything.  But at Kenny's wedding 4 years ago, several people came up to Josh and congratulated him.

Man: "Congratulations!"

Josh: "Huh?"

Me: [whispering] "shhhh... just say 'thank you'"

We went out to dinner but didn't account for how ridiculously busy the downtown area is on any given day or time.  Friday night being the worst.

I've really never seen anything like it.  There wasn't any sort of special event, but even at 10:30pm there were people everywhere... even kids!  Restaurants slammed with business and parking is out of the question.  It's one of those areas where you just drive to a tried and true spot that always has parking and walk the really long distance.  You're probably not going to find anything closer.

After we parked and Josh realized how far away we were from the restaurant, he (jokingly, guys) said he was going to beat me for every empty parking spot we passed during our walk.

He didn't beat me.  Not that he would have, but still... not a single parking space was open.  And not because there's a lack of parking... there are tons of lots and parking on the street and alleys... just everything was full.

Then on Saturday we went to the main event: a vow renewal to celebrate Kenny's dad & step-mom's 25th anniversary.  The picture above is where Kenny was explaining that he had a long night last night.  He somehow managed to tie that in with his speech to them during the ceremony.

And the gang.  We are going to have to hang out together a lot more in the future.  We said that last time we all hung out as well... which was 4 years ago.

Speaking of which, I was supposed to have a meeting tonight with the Procrastination Club, but we rescheduled for next week.  I'll try to let you know how it goes.


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