25 September 2010

Parents House

I think there is a time when all parents realize that they've just about influenced their kids as much as is going to ever take.

Not sure when my parents reached that stage, but we're there.  I think it was around the time I took this blog public.

In light of that, I'd like to share random pictures of their house kitchen that I snapped when they didn't know I was snapping.

Or maybe it's part of that whole "we gave up" thing.

Not sure which one of us kids will end up with these, but I don't think it will be me.  However, if no one claims them, these are one of those items that will never be given away or sold, so I'll have mercy on them.  Not that they wouldn't sell (would they?), but they are just too meaningful.  No idea what kind of meaning they hold... but they're one of those quirky items that several people in my family own.  The first paragraph of this post perfectly describes how I think of them.  Kind of like the ceramic elephant table.

photo: http://assemblageltd.com/itemdetails.php?id=372489

Don't worry... our elephants are totally painted green instead of white.

White elephants?  Green elephants?

I think this begs a whole new post, but apparently these things are retailing for $1200!  This is the exact style that my parents everyone in our family has.  Maybe I'll sell one after all.

Just kidding.  No, not really.  It doesn't match my decor, and I don't think it ever will.  It is from Vietnam, though, and the spoon and fork really are from the Philippines.  My grandfathers were in the Air Force.  Also how Josh and I ended up with a gorgeous China set from Germany.  Won't be selling that.

Someone's having a party on October 11th at 3:15!


I wished my spice area looked halfway decent.  All of our bottles have been halfway melted because Josh set them too close to the stove burner when it was on.

Oh, Ingles.  One of my brothers worked there.  Then when I turned 16 I went and applied and they didn't have any positions open.  I told my brother and he said to go down there and tell them I was his little sister.

It worked.

And then I told them about my little sister a few years later.  I think.  Angel, didn't you work there?  Why do I have them memory of a worm?

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AnniePressley said...

I've drooled over those ceramic elephants since I was a kid. I absolutely love them. When daddy got one of Nana's I almost died. If I could claim one thing from anyone, I just want one of the ceramic elephants. Secretly, part of my tattoo was based of them. I know I never tell anyone why I got an elephant, but a small part (of the MILLION reasons) is those ceramic elephants.

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