23 September 2010

My Junk Drawer.

You know that junk drawer you have full of useful/useless things?  Growing up in a household of 7 people, we had more junk than one would know what to do with.  You just kind of assume that it belongs to someone, so you don't throw it away.

And then it multiplies.

So when Josh and I first got married, I was scared to put anything in a drawer.  Silverware and kitchen items were okay, but if I found a stray rubberband, then I immediately held on to it until I could either find a home for it or confirm with Josh that it was not needed for a particular purpose.

He's fine with the fact that I'm neurotic.

Lately, I've erred on the side of throwing things away.  But in my opinion, it's only Josh and I living in this house, and if there's a plastic gadget that neither one of us knows what it belongs to, then I'm tossing it.  Either it's not important enough to remember, or our dogs are taking over, and that's never good.

But you know where I've started hoarding things?  In my computer. 

No, there's not a secret compartment.  It's my pictures folder.  I hold on to pictures because "I might need them."

In reality, I'll probably not need them, unless they're for a client, in which case, of course I've got them saved and on back-up.  But for my personal pictures of, say, my spare bedroom in various stages of messiness?

Oh yeah... they're cluttering up junk drawers all over my computer.

With that in mind, a few weeks ago Josh informed me that my photography was becoming an issue with our hard drive.  We ordered a new external hard drive, bu in the meantime, I did some spring summer cleaning in my picture folders.

Wouldn't you know, the very next week I started looking for unedited versions of random pictures I'd blogged about.

And they were gone!

Gone, I say!  Gone.

No more of that cleaning up business.  I'm working my way through a terabyte of hard drive and I'll have a closet full of those things if I have to!

Now, enjoy my "junk drawer."  These are pictures Josh and I took while at his grandmother's house a few weeks ago.  The sun was shining perfectly through the trees and I couldn't resist catching a few shots!

They're all completely unedited and not really great pictures except for the sun spray.  I love practicing on sun spray!  It can create some really nice shots, and it's nearly impossible to get two shots alike!

Hey- no one said junk drawers were exciting...
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