05 September 2010

Monarch Cocoons.

My mom is a 2nd grade teacher.  This means that the "F" word is "fat" and she brings random animals and science projects home often.  Oh, and that she has a live-in turtle every summer.  His name changes every year, poor thing.

I say "brings random animals and science project home" as if I live there.  I don't, but I spent the first 19.5 years of my life there, so it's still home in a lot of ways.

But this weekend was a special treat.  If this were a necklace or earring, I'd totally wear it.  In fact, my parents (aka: my dad) bought me a necklace with these exact colors for my high school graduation.

[When it comes to presents, daddy buys the jewelry and mom buys anything other than jewelry.  It's this weird mix of "from my parents/dad/mom" even though they're usually shopping together anyway.  I'd say that makes my family weird, but I know all of y'all had odd things like that your families do, too!]

Where was I?  [I should've named my blog that]

Monarch cocoons.  They. Are. Gorgeous.

Those yellowish dots look like gold threads going through a perfectly crafted bead.

They start out green and change to a darker color as they mature.  The dark one is nearly done.

And this guy hasn't even started yet.

Dude, get with the program!

I could make two jokes here.  You choose which one you want to laugh at.

a) This is definitely a guy because he's so immature compared to the others.

b) This is definitely a girl because she's taking her sweet time.

I crack myself up.

And here is their home sweet home.  For now.  I think you have to release them within 24 hours of breaking free from the cocoon.

Mega cool.

And where was this when I was in 2nd grade?

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