17 September 2010

Hard Scrabble.

When Josh and I lived in Atlanta, there was a road near our house called Hardscrabble.  It cracked us up because we'd never seen that word before.  It wasn't long before this conversation happened.

"Take a right on Hardscrabble and a left at the light."

"That was a hard Scrabble."



Oh, Josh and I played Scrabble the other night.  It's fun to play, just the two of us, because we understand the rules we've made up.  And it would be very difficult to explain to someone else what "crossing the line" is.  There are some foreign words, funny spellings, and acronyms that we allow.  And some we don't.

We generally go by how well accepted it is in our everyday vocabulary.

PS: Don't ever play a game against us, especially if we're a team.  We complete each other's thoughts and sentences and neither one of us have a lick of sense.


Bottom line... you'll lose.  And no one wants to lose, so don't bother playing against us.  Consider this a fair warning.

But hey... check this out!  We used every single one of the Scrabble pieces!  At least... of the ones that we have.

Is it loserific to play Scrabble on a Thursday night?  And have fun doing it?

Is it loserific to use the word loserific?

1 comment:

Rj and Jessie said...

I love Scrabble but I suck at it. LOL. I am good at other word games.

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