26 July 2010

Swannanoa Gathering. Part One.

I'm going to apologize in advance.  This weekend was ridiculously crazy!  We hit up the Swannanoa Gathering, Bele Chere, and Newspring Church in Columbia.  It's one of those weekends where when someone asks you "how was your weekend?" you feel torn between saying, "it was nice" and giving them every last detail.

I apologize to everyone who asked me that question.  I've been going with the latter response.

And because I took roughly a zillion pictures, I'm going to try not to overload any posts with all of them.  But there is so much to share!  So if you don't like this stuff, then check back later in the week... 'cause I'm gonna share!

On the flip side, if you're doing a study about southern culture, then boy, is this the place for you!


Last Friday Josh and I got home from work and promptly plopped on the couch.  The only thing we had on the agenda was for Josh to practice his music for Sunday and maybe (but probably not) some house cleaning.

Then my dad called and told us about this: 

He had been at what he calls 'Banjo Camp' all week and on Friday they were having a shindig to show off what they had learned during the week.

Shindig.  I've been using that word a lot lately.

There was square dancing.

Which was really fun.

When I first walked up, I saw my dad dancing with a red head in a green skirt.

Turns out it was my cousin.  :)

Dang!  My dad can dance!

As soon as that song was over he forced me to hand over my camera to my cousin and dance with him for a song.  That's me, in the shorts and the flip flops.

And then Josh joined in.  He's in the gray shirt on the left.

Ignore the green marks.  Not actually on my butt!

There's more, but I'll save it for another time.

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