13 July 2010

Last night's list.

1. Charter: Did you REALLY think I would just blindly pay a bill for $277.75?  This is why we're not a customer anymore.

2. Capital One:  The answer is no.  There will be no credit cards in this house.  Goodbye.

3. I just had a conversation with my mom where every subject tied in with facebook.  "Did you hear that Elizabeth is the new 2nd grade teacher?  Jenny said it's on her facebook."  "I'm going to start going to Zumba on Monday and Thursday nights."  "Is that the one that Melanie goes to?  I saw it on her facebook."  Then my mom had to get off the phone because she was in the dressing room and wasn't able to talk and try clothes on (although I think she had tried).  I am 100% her daughter.

4. I went on a walk with my hubby.  Around the neighborhood.  And we just talked.  It was awesome.  Don't get me wrong-- we talk and have heart to hearts all the time.  But it was nice to do it outside rather than in the house.  :)

5. I have a truly amazing husband.  If I die before him, I highly suggest that all you good girls pursue him.  He is too good to be single.  You have my permission to go after him.  Just treat him perfect and love him.  That's all I ask... just be perfect.

6. I skipped the gym to clean the house because deep inside, I want to be good at cleaning the house.  This is not my strong point though.  I'm terrible at it.  That's why we're minimalists when it comes to our house.  Because if we have anything else, I just can't handle it.

7. I had to smell each piece of laundry before deciding if it was clean or dirty.  I'm pretty sure I washed a bunch of clean socks.

8. How did the dirty and clean laundry get mixed in the same basket?

9. There is a rule in our house.  Dirty clothes go on the floor.  If it's in a basket that means it's clean.  If it's on the floor that means it's dirty (unless you want to rescue it-- if you do, then go for it).  Or if it's in the linen closet in the basket-- then it's dirty.  I promise it's simpler than it sounds.

10. How the heck did the dirty clothes get in the basket?

11. Our clothes get washed twice as much as we wear them.  There's no way we go through that many clothes all the time.

12. I'll lose articles of clothing for a month at a time because I'm too lazy to fold the clean clothes and just lose it in the bottom of the basket.

13. I enjoy the music channels on the TV.  The bluegrass one and the Christian one are my favorites.

14. My husband has 7 books piled neatly on his bedside table.  There's no way he's reading all 7.

15. I have 6 on my bedside table.  How did that happen?  1 Bible.  2 sudoku books. 1 fiction book.  1 journal (3 entries in it). 1 devotion.

16. I have laid on my pillow for 20 minutes trying to figure out what smells funny.  It's not my dog, not my shirt, not my feet, not the cat, not the computer.  Just realized it's my pillow.  My other dog (who can't jump on the bed) had made it into his bed last night when I'd thrown it on the floor.

17. More laundry.

18. I can't ever have kids.  I'll never catch up on the laundry!

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