17 July 2010

A few highlights from last night.

A little well known fact about me and Josh: It takes us about an hour to get anywhere.  And we're going to forget something.

So after 2 hours of lazy packing (as I like to call it) we were finally ready to hit the road for the 48 hours we would be gone.

Remember these guys?  Their wedding is today!  So we met my sister-in-law at the barn loft where the wedding will be held to pick up some stuff.

Then I stole the nearest baby and let him spit up on my while I hushed him to sleep.

And I finally put him down only so that I could snap some pictures of his older sis.  She is a hoot!  Doesn't stand still at all, though...

And for the grand finale... my brothers have finally learned that they should just smile when the camera is around.  You never know what's going to end up on what website with me.

I consider it payback for the 7 dwarfs and baby coffin incidents.

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