05 June 2010

DIY: Headboards

Here's something I've had my eye on for awhile.  Why haven't I done one of these yet?  We haven't had a headboard for our bed since someone upgraded us to a queen size mattress when we moved to Atlanta.

We were getting out of debt, and having anything other than a mattress, box springs, and a metal frame was just asking way too much of us.

Plus, we like the whole 'simplistic' style.  Think Ikea.  And our bed goes well with that.

But wouldn't one of these be awesome?  I found them over at DIYideas.com.

By all means, insert your own colors.  But this is just a simple fabric headboard.  You can make it in any size, any fabric.  Just stretch the fabric over a wood frame or a large stretched canvas.  And you can change it any time you like by buying new fabric.  This one is taller than most I've seen, but I love the idea.

Oooh... check this one out!

Knock me over, this is gorgeous!  I don't think Josh would take too kindly to having it in our bedroom, though.  You can read how to do it here.

This one is fun!  I like how it's all in disarray, but still one solid, artistic concept.  Any ideas on where you can get the really big letters?

Or if you're a little more sophisticated than me, you might prefer this:

That is the back of an old dresser.  You know, the one that you hate to get rid of because "it's an heirloom!" but don't really have the space for (or you're just sick of it)?

But this one... this one is my favorite.  And what I hope to talk Josh into.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a chalkboard.  And I want one.

Actually, Josh and I have talked about painting a wall with the chalkboard paint before.  That way you can write on the wall just like it's a chalkboard!

Sophisticated, no.  Fun, yes!

Of course, we'd have to move our bed away from the window...

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Love the chalk one!!! Awww you could write little notes on it for when the other wakes up... "something yummy is waiting in the kitchen" or " meet me here tonight at 10" haha ... that could be fun!!

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