12 May 2010


If you're my friend on facebook, then you probably saw my status on Mother's Day about how if you live anywhere near a Newspring campus, you must go today.

I spontaneously hugged someone after the service.

And that's just not me.

I hug Josh.  And small children.  And that's about it.

But I hugged a perfect stranger on Sunday.

And this is what made me do it.

If you like music & stuff, you can start from the beginning.  The juicy stuff that made me hug someone starts at 18 minutes in.

Or, if you really wanna skip ahead without missing too much, start at 24 minutes in.

I promise you'll like it.

And at 36 minutes, you'll think it's over.  But it isn't.  Keep watching.

And for goodness sakes... make it full screen!!!

Okay.  You can stop crying now.  And trust me.  It's not a good idea to hug the nearest stranger.

Unless, of course, they watched it with you.

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