03 May 2010

Freeway Jim

Got 7.5 minutes?  This is pretty cool.http://www.youtube.com/user/Freewayjim#p/u/68/ibNQWZB7dEA

FreewayJim on YouTube takes videos of highways that he drives down and then speeds them up and adds interesting facts along the way.  The music isn't my style, but that's why my computer has a mute button!

Here's the video from I-40 west, going from Waynesville, NC into Tennessee.  Much of this is the piece of road that was closed this winter because of the rock slide.  It's open now!

So enjoy the ride.  It's a lot less scary when you're watching it from your couch rather than riding along!

By the way... this piece of road scares me out of my mind to drive!  I stay in the right lane, and unless a truck is going less than 40 miles an hour, I won't pass them!  I'm a big wimp, but I'm an alive wimp!

Also, here's another one coming from Dillsboro, NC to Clyde, NC.

Check out the other videos he's done as well and you might just find your hometown!  It's pretty exciting when you do.

Enjoy God's country...

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