15 April 2010


Hello 2007! Ringing in the New Year as a married couple was great! We were so excited we couldn't decide what to do. We finally decided to go to Underground Atlanta to watch the Peach drop. BUT... when we got down to Atlanta we decided to visit his half-sister and her mom. Aannnndddd... that's where we stayed. We rang in the new year with them and went to Olive Garden the next day.

Please note the hair.

And glasses.

Who are these people, and what did they do with that cute married couple from 7 months ago?

In February our friends Wendy & Danny invited us to Greenville, SC for a Billy Joel concert they had extra tickets to. And that's when I fell in love with Billy Joel. Looking back, I find it odd that in January we were in Atlanta (which we moved to in 2008), and in February we were in Greenville (which we moved to in 2009). Hmmm...

2007 was also when Josh appeared on CMT. It was a show where he and 39 other bands/solo artists were picked to audition a song for Sarah Evans. He was 3rd place in the end (chosen by Sarah herself). Sarah said, "HE has what it takes to make it." Something about hearing a famous musician say that about my hubby on national TV just made me that proudest wifey EVER!

Oh, and how can I forget the trips to Nashville, TN for vocal coaching? A couple at our church sponsored and paid for Josh to go once a month. We also got to know Robbie & Tiffany Cheuvront. Robbie was the bass player for Lonestar, which is cool, I don't care who you are. Josh and Robbie have played a lot of gigs together since then.

Here we are at the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville. And, my hair is cut!

Buh-bye hair! I got a little addicted to cutting it. This, I believe, is the shortest it ever was. This was also taken the Fall semester of 2007- my last semester at WCU. Since we lived off campus (30 minutes away), I would hang out in between classes and listen to iTunes and do homework. And blog. I've always loved blogging. This is also the year we bought our MacBook. LOVE the MacBook.

Happy Graduation to ME!!! December 2007, after 3.5 years at WCU, I graduated with a double major and honors. The medal is for graduating from the Honors College, and the yellow cord is for having a 3.47 GPA. This was a huge highlight for me. A lot of times when people get married they feel like they have to leave their hopes and dreams behind. Not us. We just get to enjoy them with each other! It's a give and take, but look how much we can accomplish together! And faster. Also, a HUGE thanks to my parents, who paid for the part of my college that wasn't covered in scholarships, even after we got married. We couldn't have done it without them.

Ages: Susan 21; Josh 23

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