14 April 2010


2006-- the year we got married. Fond memories.

Here's Josh (and his super-hot glasses) at my brother's wedding (with my niece). And yes, he's super-tan and she is super-pale.

May 13, 2006 (the 13th again!) This is the smile of a freshly married couple. We weren't cheesing it-- we were just that excited!

Dinner cruise on our honeymoon. One of the many surprises he had planned out (in fact, the entire honeymoon destination was a surprise!).

Who is that girl with the long hair? Fun fact: I was only 19 in this pic, and Josh was 21. Our favorite quote of the week? "WHO let us get married?!??!!" We were kind of surprised that everyone let us and supported us, and are eternally thankful for those who were, especially our parents. :)

Our first Christmas together! Note the hair... we're about to go on a hair roller-coaster ride over the next year! This was the first house we lived in, my great-grandmother's old house. Please also notice the couch in the bottom left corner. There was a couch and love seat. The love seat was as big as a normal sized couch, and the couch was about as long as my car! What you can't see in this pic is that the carpet is dark green. Tons of fun memories in that house, though. :)

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Tiffany said...

I remember having a dinner over at your first house the year after we both got married. That was so much fun and I remember all of the old lady type decorations and furnishings lol...it was better then where we lived, the marriage shoebox...uh I mean apartments on campus.

I've loved looking at your posts on the different years. You have inspired me to do the same ;-)

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