12 April 2010


These next few posts are in honor of 6 years with my sweetie. Each year is more amazing than the last. I know that sounds cliche, but it's really true.

Here's a trip down memory lane. We met on April 13, 2004 at The Buckle in the Asheville Mall. It was not love at first sight. But two days later, when he called me on the phone, I was smitten. I was 17, he was 19.

Here's what I believe is our 2nd date. You can't see it, but I'm wearing a purple fitted t-shirt & a light turquoise mini-skirt. Yes, I remember that. This pic was taken at Lake Julian in Arden, NC.

Josh and I knew pretty early on that we loved each other, but it took us awhile to say it. I knew he wanted to say it first, and I was glad for that. But we kept slipping up! There would be times where I would say, "You're baby loo-- *yawn*-- hopes you feel better!"

We started little phrases that we would say in its place. One was that we were in deep like with each other. :) Then there was this adorable picture message (back when that was the newest, coolest thing). My heart melted.

Another picture at Lake Julian. This was the day we had a devotion together and he told me he was in love with me.

Months later, he would take me out on a paddle boat on this same lake and basically tell me that either we should be thinking about marriage or go ahead and break up. :) He said it a lot more sweetly than what I just said, though. And he took me on the paddle boat to tell me that because he was scared I'd run away! He soon found out that it was music to my ears. I knew I needed to spend the rest of my life with him.

This eventually became the background for our Save the Dates when we got married. I also drew a pencil sketch of this picture. (pink shirt courtesy of Josh)

The summer of 2004 was glorious, but it had to come to an end. I started freshman year at WCU and instead of living 30 minutes apart, we were now living an hour apart. Let's just say there were a lot of late nights driving I-40!

Josh was terrified (to say the least) when I started college. He thought that (like most girls) I would get into the college life and leave him far behind. He really didn't know how smitten I was. I never got into the college life. Sure, I graduated, but not before I married him! But now I'm jumping the gun. Here's freshman fall semester:

The last time I will ever wear that size. And proof that I used to have a 6 pack. (Big Star jeans courtesy of Josh)

Freshman year again. That green shirt said "50% single." Maybe that's why Josh thought I'd find a college hunk & leave him? That shirt disappeared one day...

New Year's Eve. Our first fight. It was over my dog, Jigsaw. Josh said that when we got married and moved to the city he would be kennel trained. I demanded that it was inhumane and my dog would NEVER be in a kennel.

He won. Eventually. When we moved to Atlanta in 2008, Jigsaw became kennel trained. hey, 4 years ain't a bad run for winning an argument! :) (PS- this is a shirt Josh bought me-- he was/is always making me more trendy)

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