29 December 2009


I got a lot of great gifts this Christmas. My mom got me contacts, which is such a huge blessing! Now I don't have to wear my glasses everyday! I also got some beautiful necklaces, bedding, and even a gift card to a spa! But there was one gift that wasn't wrapped and under the tree. It was holding Sunaura again!

Her mom brought her up to my parent's house on Christmas day. Let me tell you, it was a Christmas miracle. Here are some pics of the fun times. She has grown so much! She's almost 5.5 months old, but really more the size of a 3 month old. The doctors say it will take her about 2 years to catch up. She sure is a pudgy little thing, though! And bald!

Look at those tiny fingers! And if you're freaked out by the manly hand with manicured fingernails, it's my dad. He plays banjo, and prefers to have his nails done on 3 fingers than use all the picks and attach them to his fingers. We make fun of him for it... a lot.

I held her until she fell asleep. It was so sweet-- makes me want one!

Sunaura with her mommy and daddy.

I was cheesin' it up but Sunaura wasn't cooperating. I love her, but I'll be the first to admit she's not the cutest baby in the world. But I love my little elf!

She was so animated, I wish I had a video. She would look all around and play like crazy!

Sunaura and her daddy. Look at that grin!

With her Uncle Nicholas (also referred to as Uncle Monkey)-- she absolutely adored being in his lap!

Sunaura with her daddy holding her, playing with her Nene (grandmother). This one is precious.

Look at that happy baby!

Sunaura cracking a grin at her great-grandma (Dega- pronounced Dig-ee)

Inspecting at her Paw (grandfather). I love to see my dad hold babies. He's so gentle with them!

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