16 January 2014

Us lately.

I haven't written about us lately.  2013 was a pretty stellar year.  I had high hopes for it, to be honest.  13 is, after all, my favorite number.  It's my number.  I mean, it pretty much has a responsibility to me.  :)

And it didn't disappoint.  I finally got out of the new mom fog that lasted for, oh, 18 months.  I don't mean to lessen anyone else's postpartum experience, but it was really rough.  I spent most of 2012 trying to breastfeed and well, it wasn't one bit easy for my body.  I was on medication to make it easier & that just left me in a huge mess of nerves & emotions non-stop.  After getting off that medicine, it took about 9 months to get my body back to feeling normal.  Normal is good in this situation!

But that was 2012.  2013 was the year I came out of that fog & really started to enjoy life again.  Our photography business continued to grow, and the cinematography side just blossomed!  Josh had 3 or 4 weddings that were 3+ hours away!  Not an intentional direction for us, but a fun one to navigate.  Haven't seen his films?  Check them out here!

No plans for more kids anytime soon.  Yes, we plan to have more, but no, not right now.  Maybe 2014.  Maybe 2018.  We started thinking a little more seriously this past year about adopting as well.  It is something we have always said we wanted to do, but didn't have an exact plan for it.  Some of our friends are going through the adoption process right now & it's such a beautiful thing.  We love hearing their updates & following their journey.  It's also probably not something we're going to do in 2014, but the bud is starting to blossom.

Also, you shouldn't take any timelines I say into account.  In true Fowler fashion, we do what we want when we want to do it.  If you'd asked me a year ago, I would have said we would definitely not be buying a house in 2013.  And yet, here we are... we bought a house.  We think about things for a long time with no timeline in mind and then one day we just up & do it.

Our plans for 2014?  Enjoy life.  We are at such a fun stage in life, and we just want to soak up every second of it.  We hear that pitter patter of little feet that all the songs talk about, so we're just going to enjoy it.  We are making a house into our home.  We have a backyard.  Heck, our kid even has a tricycle.  This is the life. 

And yes, I tend to say that about life no matter whether we own a house or live in a tiny apartment behind Roses, 8 hour away from our family.  Why?  Because our blessings are just huge, y'all.  If we're constantly looking at the next big thing then we miss what we have.  And what we have is rich.  It's the good stuff.

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