22 January 2014

Birthday Traditions

Birthdays have always been a passing thing for me.  They're fun, but nothing overly special.  This year, that has changed!  Hazelnut is actually old enough to enjoy her birthday, and it brings a special joy into our home!
Last year we had a special breakfast before Josh left for work.  I made a huge stack of pancakes which she refused to eat.  Lame.  This year we switched it up a bit.  I love the tradition, though, to celebrate first thing!

We woke up an hour earlier than normal this morning to make breakfast, eat together as a family, and open presents.

We all like our sleep-- including Hazelnut!

But oh what a sweet smile.  I love her crazy hair- check out that awesome volume first thing in the morning!  And the way she pushes up her sleeves.  I wonder if she'll continue that her whole life... pushing up her sleeves.  She's obsessed with it right now.  Even in the car, she'll push up her pants legs!

After buying the Minnie Mouse lunchbox, I realized I bought her a lunchbox for her birthday last year.  Weird!

I also used a printable template to make little birthday tags for her presents.  It was a fun addition!

Seriously, mom?  Still taking pictures?  Can I at least eat my eggs (ayyy-gs) now?

Candles!  And she almost burnt herself.

This child can give some pretty awful looks with her eyes!  We'll need to work on that poker face.

Blowing out candles!

 This little face made everything worth it.  We are so very thankful for her.

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